Going Green

TNS Auto Group encourages green efforts. We encourage network partners to think about the environment when conducting business. Some initiatives that we encourage are:

  • Use of water-based paint systems
  • Use of recycled parts
  • Recycling of waste
  • Proper disposal of hazardous materials

Helping Out the Community

The community in the area is mainly of Chinese descent, we help our community members with any personal matters needed, we help them with translations, and filling out documents.We support local community businesses; we purchase parts and supplies, from local dealerships and parts suppliers.

Charitable Work

TNS Auto Group is always looking for opportunities to partner with charitable foundations to help the community, whether it is for food or clothing drives, or outreach programs; we try to help in any which way we can. If you are involved with a charity and would like us to contribute, please contact us at contact@tnsautogroup.com.